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Head Gasket

Head gasket repair using manufacturer warranty-approved parts

Your vehicle’s head gasket is a crucial part of the engine that plays an integral role in its function and safety. The engine is made up of multiple parts and liquids that all make the combustion process possible and the head gasket acts as a seal and works to keep these liquids separate and stop them from mixing. When faulty, blown or leaking, the head gasket can’t do its job and the engine could ultimately break down. 

All Major Manufacturers

Head Gasket Repairs & Replacements

Clutch Repairs Specialist

If you are experiencing thicker or milky engine oil, a loss of power, bubbles in the radiator or an overheating engine, you could have a blown or damaged head gasket. If you’re looking for head gasket repairs near me, at EnviroRepair, we provide reliable and high-quality head gasket repairs and head gasket replacements across the UK.


We offer repairs for head gaskets as well as the after-effects on the engine. We use only OEM or manufacturer warranty-approved parts to ensure that your vehicle remains in its best condition. Our experts are on hand to offer exceptional head gasket quotes and repairs near you. (4).png
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Vehicle Recovery & Diagnostics*

*subject to our terms and conditions

Our professional staff will book your repair at one of our centres local to you, arranging for your vehicle to be collected from a location that suits you. If any additional or advised work is required, we’ll always call you first. We will not undertake work without your authorisation.

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