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DPF Repairs

Diesel Particulate Filter Repairs Specialist

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are fitted to the exhaust of all new diesel cars. Designed to trap the harmful soot and ash particles created when diesel is burned, thereby preventing them from being injected into the atmosphere. However, these soot particles can also block the filter, effectively seizing up your engine and causing a repair bill running into thousands.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Repairs Specialist

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The “active regeneration” process is usually a limit programmed into the vehicles ECU. Once the DPF reaches this level of soot, the exhaust temperature is automatically raised. However, most urban journeys are often shorter than the time needed to complete the active regeneration process, and if it's interrupted too often, issues can occur. The best way to maintain a DPF is to ensure that it’s able to regenerate itself properly. The majority of DPF problems occur when this process is interrupted! Faulty turbochargers and faulty injectors can also cause issues with a DPF. (3).png
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Our professional staff will book your repair at one of our centres local to you, arranging for your vehicle to be collected from a location that suits you. If any additional or advised work is required, we’ll always call you first. We will not undertake work without your authorisation.

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