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Turbocharger Repairs Specialist

Local turbo repairs using manufacturer-approved parts

Turbochargers have become increasingly popular over the years as you generally get more power output from the same size engine. Turbochargers also burn fuel with more oxygen, they tend to burn it more thoroughly and cleanly, producing less air pollution. As turbochargers are now so popular, EnviroRepair offers a dedicated turbocharger repair service with options including new or reconditioned turbos, turbo upgrades, turbo repair or an exchanged turbo.

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Turbocharger Repairs
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Local Turbo Specialists

Turbochargers are most commonly found in diesel engines with ‘Diesel Particulate Filters’ (DPFs) often suffering problems related to the turbocharger failing. However, an increasing amount of petrol-fuelled engines are now also being built with turbochargers. Nearly all turbocharger faults are the result of a handful of causes usually involving the turbo pump or turbo injector. Most common turbocharger faults are caused by a lack of lubrication, poor quality oil or a cold engine.

It is advised that you replace the oil in your engine at least twice a year in order to make sure that your diesel turbo doesn’t fail, and if you have a diesel injector you may also want to invest in a specialist cleaner. (1).png
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Vehicle Recovery & Diagnostics*

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Our professional staff will book your repair at one of our centres local to you, arranging for your vehicle to be collected from a location that suits you. If any additional or advised work is required, we’ll always call you first. We will not undertake work without your authorisation.

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