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Engine Repairs Specialist

Local engine repair using manufacturer warranty-approved parts

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, which is why if something goes wrong it can often be expensive to fix. There are some common warnings you should also look out for such as your car backfiring, stalling at odd intervals or not starting properly. There are some engine components that are more likely to break than others. The first step in engine repair is diagnosing the problem.

All Major Manufacturers

Engine Rebuild Specialists

All Major Manufacturers

An engine rebuild is a comprehensive process in which an existing engine is disassembled, inspected, and then reconditioned or repaired to restore it to like-new or improved condition. This process is typically performed when an engine has suffered significant wear and tear, or damage, or is not performing up to the desired standard.

EnviroRepair offer a comprehensive engine rebuild service. You are able to spread the cost with one of our 4-month or 12-month interest-free finance options! With years of experience, our technicians can rebuild and recondition your existing engine using the latest technology. All engine rebuilds and repairs also come with a 12-month guarantee. - engine_PNG9.png
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Vehicle Recovery & Diagnostics*

*subject to our terms and conditions

Our professional staff will book your repair at one of our centres local to you, arranging for your vehicle to be collected from a location that suits you. If any additional or advised work is required, we’ll always call you first. We will not undertake work without your authorisation.

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