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Clutch Repairs Specialist

Local clutch repair using manufacturer warranty-approved parts

If you are a vehicle owner and believe that your clutch may need repairing or replacing, contact EnviroRepair today, we are local to you and can collect your vehicle and return it back to you when the work is complete.

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Diagnostic Test

Clutch Repairs Specialist

Before an issue with the clutch is diagnosed, you will begin to notice symptoms of a damaged clutch when driving your vehicle. Some common symptoms of a clutch that needs repair or replacement include:

  • Jolting when changing gear, known as “drag”. Often the cause of this is the clutch adjustments being incorrect.

  • Abnormal low-frequency vibrations or “juddering” can indicate a glazed flywheel or uneven clutch arm.

  • Having trouble driving uphill and a burning smell coming from the vehicle often means the clutch facings are worn.

  • The vehicle moving suddenly as you gradually release the pedal usually suggests an uneven operation of the clutch arm.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, bring your vehicle down to a local EnviroRepair garage where a clutch diagnostic test will be completed by one of our technicians to find the cause.
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Vehicle Recovery & Diagnostics*

*subject to our terms and conditions

Our professional staff will book your repair at one of our centres local to you, arranging for your vehicle to be collected from a location that suits you. If any additional or advised work is required, we’ll always call you first. We will not undertake work without your authorisation.

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